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Tordenskjold & Kold
Project Description

In » Tordenskiold » we follow the only 29 -year-old vice admiral Tordenskiold and his valet Cold . The year is 1720, the peace is signed, the war is over and the naval hero has no idea what he should do with his life. Cold persuades him to take the suitor journey to England, but the trip develops into an amusing and grotesque journey from Christianshavn , down through Denmark over the border and into the north German kingdoms . ‘ Tordenskiold ‘ is an atypical and cheeky period film and a portrait of a friendship between a master and his servant.

Release: 5. februar 2016

Director: Henrik Ruben Genz

B-sound design: Baard Haugan Ingebretsen

Sound effects: Svein-Ketil Bjøntegård & Karoline Fjugstad Wendelborg

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